Must wear these western dress

A western dress is very glamorous and comfortable to wear. So, why hide yourself in shapeless and boring outfits when you can easily express your beauty with western outfits. India has embraced western fashion apparels like anything. Indian fashion trends offer a long list of options for women in the west of the fashion industry. The dress are classified based on their type, cuts, body type, brands, etc. Women and girls can look elegant as well as feel great good in western outfits. Have a look at the best western dresses that you can wear on various occasions.

Tunic Dress

Tunic dresses are the new trend that is enjoying all the limelight in fashion news. From the runways to the streets, from casual hangouts to date nights – these dresses are simply taking over. Loved by women, the tunic dresses are a subtle choice to be worn on any casual days. The embroidered tunic can allow you to look gorgeous on any game night or for a date. The tunic dresses can be pair up well with the open denim shirts and can fit any body type.

Cape dress

The cape dress is the ultimate power move. Covers the body like a hood and are quite trendy to wear out. The capes were used to work over the outfits, but here it is attached with the dress. It is perfect for slim and the women with long legs. Even plus size women can look simply amazing wearing cape dress. You can carry this dressing in kitty parties and casual meetings. All in all, if you are in search for a stand out look, then buy yourself a nice cape dress!

cape dresses

Tuxedo Dress

Derived from men’s tuxedo section, the dressing is best for adventure activities, clubbing or golfing out. The buttons and lapels, which makes it look like the blazer from the upper side and attached with a skirt going down. The skirt hem is quite tight, so the women with massive hips should avoid wearing tuxedo.

tuxedo dresses

Asymmetric dress

An asymmetrical dress is an excellent option for those who aren’t sure of the formality of an event or party. An asymmetrical dress will have two sides of a different length. Sometimes the dress is longer at the back than the front, or shorter on one side. You can also find asymmetrical dresses that are sleeveless on one side and with a long sleeve on the other side. There are so many variations of asymmetrical dresses that flatter any body shape!

The dress has asymmetric hemline and allows you to wear it on any casual day, or if you find any embroidered piece, then you can wear it on special occasions like festivals or prom nights. Liked by teenagers the dress is right to go for slim body types and if you have frills hem at the bottom, make sure that it should fit well to your body.

Asymmetric dresses

Popover dresses

The dress is known to have other silhouette or fabric popping out of the whole outfit. The quite famous in international events, weddings, concerts, etc. The outfit is best for tall and slim women. The popover dresses are comfortable to wear and makes you feel delighted.

popover dresses

Party Dresses

Formal and shimmery dresses are perfect for parties. Women can design them as per their requirement for being sleeveless, strapless or cut sleeves at times. They are best for any type of body and is perfect to wear in disco nights and parties.

Party dresses for women

Maxi Dresses

Make the heads turn whenever you costume up in a printed maxi dress. An updated call of the summer season is a maxi dress which keeps you comfortable while keeping you high on trend at the same time. It is an informal dress that comes in the floor and ankle lengths. Many college girls are seen in many maxi ankle lengths dresses with impressive cuts and prints. The quirky necklines and experimenting sleeve types of these dresses will convert your look an instant. Elegantly designed with cotton and polyester fabrics, these dresses come in various patterns such as a tube, spaghetti, empire waist, halter, wrap up etc. These are usually flowy to wear so that you can feel the breathability all day long.

If you are bored with short dresses and is quite tall, then these maxi dress are made for you. Perfect for rectangle and apple-shaped body figures. You can wear this dress in evening parties and for casual getaways.

Maxi Dresses for women

Off-Shoulder Dresses

The off shoulder style is great for those who want to exhibit their shoulders and arms but don’t want the commitment of a strapless look.. If you love your dress to show off, then stepping into this elegant off-shoulder dressing can be your thing. Team up with the bold necklaces for flaunting your collar bone parts can allow you to stand apart in the crowd. You can wear this dressing to formal parties, Operas and weddings. These dresses showcase your shoulders, while maintaining a sleeve or ruffle on the bicep.

Off Shoulder Dresses for women

Skater Dresses

Skater dresses can never go out of fashion be it whatever era, and it has been trending a lot all this while especially in these hot and colorful summers. The dress is said to be frilly below the waist belt and can accentuate your waistline to fit it completely. The skater dress are designed as short and is perfect for slim, apple and rectangular-shaped figures. You can wear the clothing in casual and disco parties. Game up your style quotient and shop for some stunning skater dresses. Its versatility is the best thing about them. You'll find a skater dress appropriate for almost any occasion.

Skater Dresses for women