Winter Fashion Trend 2017-18

So what's new this season? From futuristic fabrics, Padding, protective lines and cosy knits to tonal dressing, fashion’s throwing some frivolous, and some revolutionary ideas our way next season - and there’s nothing to stop you from getting ahead of the pack and working a few of these into your wardrobe right now. This season it's all about celebrating the individuality of style through the multitude of trends waiting to be worn.

Checkout the trends hitting this season and are already landing in stores...

Double denim

Heading to the top of the trends list this season are total denim. Total denim looks are all the rage. Matching same-wash items or not, what is important is to combine denim with denim. We spotted the trend on the runways, but also celebs are embracing it with enthusiasm.

Double denim is very casual so it is great to hang out in the week-ends.

Unless there is no dress code at all at your job and if worn with high heels and red lips it can even be a style for a night out.

Break up your double denim with a white T-shirt or blue oxford—they are classics for a reason.

Office wear

Fashion can be a sociological study, and the new trend for gray business suits is intriguing. Styled-up tailoring for business girls straight from the office, or on their way out. 

Padded jackets

For Fall/Winter 2017-2018, the designers have restyled puff jackets to the extreme with oversized quilted padding and comfy, chic detailing to counter the subzero temperatures.

Long and short sweaters

A long sweater can also serve as a dress, and if worn with pants, then you will surely be the most modern and stylish. Fashionable and tall women will be at the height of happiness this season due to the appearance of asymmetric and monochromatic patterns, which can be worn with a right skirt and also can exceed the length of the skirt.






Short sweaters patterns are very current in the cold season. These can be worn over a dress or with a pair of high waisted pants.


The larger the sweater is, the more comfortable it is. You have not chosen the right size, no problem, your success is guaranteed. Wool and angora give volume, and the predominant range of colors are intense shades. Oversized sweaters have different shapes, they can be knitted in different techniques or they can have masculine elements. The large collar serves as a scarf.

High neck and collar kurti

Kurtis with high neck and collar add a formal touch to the attire. You can flaunt this gorgeous style at corporate meetings, conferences as well as at casual gatherings.

If you desire for unconventional appeal you can try out high neck kurti with retro prints, hardcore geometrical influences and rough edged silhouettes and make heads turn.

4 thoughts on “Winter Fashion Trend 2017-18 for Women

  1. Sm00chezzz says:

    im all for the sweaters. long and short

  2. akepolito1 says:

    Sweaters are my favorite part of winter and gray is a staple color for my work outfits! I’m not sure how I feel about denim on denim though…

  3. Those office clothes look completely amazing

  4. igrowhort says:

    What a great collection of winter sweaters and the double denim look is so rad!

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