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Clovia Women’s Stretchable Cotton Camisole with Lace Straps

349.00 (as of 31st August 2018, 7:01 PM) 269.00

Color: Red
Fabric: Spandex, Lace & Cotton
Pattern: Solid



Camisole in bright redCrafted with the softness of cotton and strectability of spandex. Shoulder straps and a round neck with contrast lace trim. This camisole features 4-way stretch fabric that doesnt roll up and is crease-free. 4-way stretch fabric is very flexible with a high degree of stretchability which makes it ideal for active wear. Bio wash treatment on fabric that removes fuzz and pilling gives a softer smoother finish, superior color brightness and glossier appearance. It also ensures that the fabric colour doesnt fade easily. Sultry transparent cami to make you feel sexy inside out.
Color: Red
Fabric: Spandex, Lace & Cotton
Pattern: Solid
Type: Cami Top
Sleeve: Sleeveless

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